Customers with a current support contract will have a lot advantages and options:

Remote support option, a life session is most times more effctive for support issues, but only if you agree!

This is the link for the Remote Client If you need on-site support, coantact us we can start a life session. *)

Support Customers are always preferred customers

Telephone support (normal working days, office hours between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm)

If urgent and if d
We work on your questions/problems directly and try to solve it the same day, or find a work around for you. Most
times this will happen within the same working day ‘

In a sitiuation were we face a bigger problem, we directly report to the Mentor software engineering.

In the case you have requests or wishes regarding software changes or corrections, we will be happy to collect your information and prepare a report for you and send it to the USA.

Support customers can get -based on specific needs- gromaTec ‘s self created individual AGP Tools for free (as long as a support contract exists)

Support customer get customer discount on consulting/workshops/trainings.

USB license key defective? A support customer get a new one for free.

Any questions? Email us:, or call us +49 4405 917960

*) Good to know about the Remote Client:

if you download the Client software module and start it, if will ask for a session number, this number is created by our service module and is unigue and can only used one time. We will give you this number by phone. A save connection will be established and we are able to see you desktop and activities. We can get access to your PC, only if you want and you will always see what happens and the Viewer menu contains a”STOP”-Button. if you click this button the session will be cancelled immediately. if the session is closed there is NO access to your Desktop anymore!