CADRA INI Variables

These variables are meant to help the user or administrator change or customize certain CADRA defaults.

Here is a list of the most important variables


  • ALWAYS_DRAG_FIGURE_RECTANGLE=1 Figures are always displayed as border line, if the element will be moved or dragged on screen, this will cause an accelerated Display and prevents un-needed Screen re-freshes.


  • RENDER_FCS_IN_TRUETYPE_STRINGS=1 displays certain FSC Symbols in CADRA Texts, if created with Truetype Fonts

CADRA 2006:

  • ENABLE_DOUBLE_CLICK_EDIT_FOR MOVE = 1  activate move elements with double click
  • DISABLE_DOUBLE_CLICK_EDIT = 1 deactivate move elements with double click
  • DXF_DISABLE_SCALED_VIEWS_PROMPT = 1   suppresses an info message about paperview support, if file contains multiple and scaled views. (For batch-translation)

CADRA 10/11/12:

  • PLOTDEALY = 1 prevents the start of CADRAPLT.EXE when using any other plotter than the system printer
  • CADRA_GUI = 0 Windows GUI is enabled
  • CADRA_GUI = 1 OLD CADRA GUI is activated
  • CADRA3_BUTTON = 1  3-button mouse is activated
  • CADRA3_BUTTON = 0  2-button mouse is activated