CADRA on Motorola,
ca. 1990, Keyboard, Digitizer, 20 MB Harddisk
and 5,25″ Floppy, 4 MB RAM

They are there, hundreds of thousands of the “good old” legacy data….

If you have CAD-data files with file extensions where you do not know anymore what they mean?
In most cases we know what this is and there is a lot than we can read and in more useful data formats.

Some formats we can handle:

  • CADAM , inclusive symbol files and overlays (*.dtf, *.drt)
  • CCD (CatiaCadamDrafting) incl. symbol- und overlay- files “Datatran” Container or CCD native, bidirectional (*.cdd)
  • MircoCADAM Symbol files, Overlays (*.mcd), (*.dos)
  • Helix Symbol files, Overlays (*.mcd), (*.dos)

Meanwhile we successfully migrated hundreds of thousands of data files in different file formats, in current CAD-Formats or in PDF/TIF etc.