Download CADRA from this Web-Site

Under the Siemens (CADRA) menu, you will find a new protected download area for support customers, the password will be different for all CADRA versions.

Customers without Support-contract can request older Software-versions for a fee, just use the contact form on this web-site.

CADRA 26 gets a new User InterFace (GUI)

Dieses Bild hat ein leeres Alt-Attribut. Der Dateiname ist CADRA-Ribbon.jpg

Siemens introduces a new GUI for CADRA26, this is a modern style Ribbon based GUI, which offers the same, known functions, but in some cases newly combined.
The known “old” CADRA GUI is available, too, even the first (Unix based) is existing!


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ExpertCAD2018 And Servicepack

We want you to take notice of installing the latest ServicePack for ExpertCAD2018. Please load the latest ServicePack directly here with the following link:

ServicePack für ExpertCAD 2018

In the case you will be asked for a password, please leave the password field empty and just press klick “OK”.
If you have problems or questions, please send us an Email, or give us a call:

E-Mail: or Tel: +49 4405 917960

CADRA 25 ONlY for 64-bit

CADRA 25 is the first version in the CADRA product line, that will NOT be offered as a 32-bit version anymore. It was a logical consequence to change this for CADRA, because no 32 bit new hardware is used anymore. We expect only a few users still using 32-bit hardware, because with the change to Win 10 nearly all have renewed the hardware in this step.

As always we will be happy to answer your questions or help if you see problems.


Tel: +49 4405 917960

CADRA24 Sp1 released

SP1 for CADRA ist released. Via E-Mail Mentor reported SP1 is released and can be downloaded from SupportNet.

All our Support customers are able to download it directly from our FTP-Server:

CADRA 24 SP1 Download from gromaTec FTP-Server

The Login is the known customer Login. In case of problems, please contact us directly via E-Mail or by phone: +49 4405 917960

WINDOWS 7 END OF SUPPORT on 20.01.2020

Please be aware that Microsoft will finally stop the support for Windows 7 on 20/1/2020. In addition to this we need to inform you all new Software releases from AMT and Mentor Graphics will not support Windows 7 anymore.
This does not definitely mean, the older versions will not be installable on Windows 10, but future releases will not qualified for Windows 7 anymore and not maintained.
So we strongly recomment to change your CADRA or ExpertCAD/Tooldesigner/Prospector to the current version of Windows 10. If you have any questions regarding this change or need an quote, please conatct us, we will be happy to help you…

De-installING CADRA ServicePacks …

In the past a CADRA service pack was installed in a way, that it was possible to could get the files to replaced backed up in a certain sub directory in the CADRA installation folder. It worked in a way that all files that had to be replaced were copied into this folder and the new files were installed into the CADRA base folder. In case there was a problem it was very easy to “recover ” the previous version in coping back the backuped files. With the new Mentor Installer it is not that possible to restore such files the same way, because there is no backup folder with replaced files available. If you find an SP installation is not what you wanted it does NOT help to simply de-install the CADRA service pack, because this will NOT re-install the previous version and you will not be able to start CADRA at all, the deinstallation will leave CADRA in an inappropriate state.


What you can do is to make a copy of the existing running CADRA version in a separate folder and install the service pack based on the base installation. In this way you are able to replace the SP installation completely with the existing copy, if needed.