How to Get The Host-ID for CADRA


Since CADRA 20P it is not possible anymore to see what Host-ID is used for a license from inside CADRA. Because the whole licensing is changed to Flexnet we use a different Software and either USB Keys or Mac Address .

If CADRA is installed on a new PC or it is the first installation at all and you need to know what the Host-ID is….

The best tool to get it is LMUTIL.EXE

LMUTIL (you can use this as a link) should be started from a command window (CMD.EXE).
  1. LMUTIL.EXE LMHOSTID -ether reads a Host-ID aus, based on the MAC-address (green)
  2. LMUTIL.EXE LMHOSTID -flexid reads the USB and shows the current USB Host-ID. (blue)

The same can be done with LMTOOLS.exe, if the license software is already installed: